Release Notes


Fix regression when editing events introduced in 2.1.3


Minor bug fixes and user management improvements


Email changes, mostly internal but this will enable us to change the from address of system emails to match the site which is sending them.


Bugfix release for 2.1.0.


Add a signup comment feature.

Add instant email notifications

Only attempt to show visible photos on the photos index page. N.B. We weren't showing photos when we shouldn't but were causing a load of ugly 404s for no good reason.

Allow editing an event from a site other than the host site.

Change the site associated with an event signup when using the "manage attendance" feature.


Add support for signing up to events from the diary list page without navigating to the event page itself. Click on "You have not replied" to sign up.

Fix bug in google calendar's handling of the timezones in the diary export which resulted in events displayed an hour late over the summer.


Fix for a bug where new users occasionally recieved errors.


Support for viewing a preview of all of the formatted text you can enter before you press save.


Bug fix release for small unintended changes from previous release.


Upgrade to underlying software (django 1.4), no functional changes.